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Survey in der Region Fara


The Fara Region Survey started in 2016 as part of the Qadisiyah Survey Project QADIS, directed by Prof. Nicolò Marchetti (University Bologna) and Prof. Abbas al-Hussainy (University Al-Qadisiyah). The site of Fara, ancient Šuruppak, which had been investigated by the Deutsche Orient-Gesellschaft in 1902-03, by the University of Pennsylvania in early 1931 and by H. Martin in 1973, has been systematically surveyed in meanwhile two seasons of fieldwork. The main mound had been massively looted during the war, but the lower town is in better shape. There the survey was able to note various industrial areas, where pottery and brick production, stone knapping, bread production, and other took place. Drone photos after the winter rain allowed to recognize domestic structures in the areas which had not been destroyed by the looters. In 2018, the survey region will be enlarged up to the area of Ishan al-Bahriat, ancient Isin, which before used to be the project of Prof. Hrouda of LMU Munich. 


  • N. Marchetti, B. Einwag, A. Al-Hussainy, G. Luglio, G. Marchesi, A. Otto, G. Scazzosi, E. Leoni, M. Valeri, F. Zaina, QADIS. The Iraqi-Italian 2016 Survey Season in the South-Eastern Region of Qadisiyah, SUMER LXIII (2017) 63-92.